Be a Professional Makeup Artist Today

Long Island makeup artists are extremely popular, sought-after professionals in the world of makeup. The makeup artists that succeed in this arena often need to be very creative, edgy and artistic to perfectly mimic a specific “look.” It takes an artistic eye to transform the images that one takes into the makeup artists’ studio. The profession can be daunting and quite demanding because the makeup artist needs to bring his or her own personal sense of style to the job.

Cosmetics artists are not only found in traditional makeup salons but also in many high-fashion photography studios. In both cases, makeup artists work closely with professional photographers, stylists and models. Modeling for photography is very demanding. Makeup artists must bring their own ideas and styles to the photography shoot in order to create the perfect look for the model. While working with models, makeup artists may also be required to do the red carpet makeup at important events. These specialized tasks require a high level of creativity and skill.

The makeup artist’s job description in the theatrical industry is slightly different than that of a photography studio. Makeups are more dramatic and require a certain level of finesse and talent. In the theatrical industry, the makeup artist is needed to create a dramatic “face,” which is the face of the character being portrayed. Complexions are often painted with tones of colors to give the effect of dirt or grease on the skin.

Color is also a big part of makeup artists’ jobs. Many artists specialize in specific colors such as green, black, purple and blue. Color consultants are often hired to help the new makeup artist or hair stylist choose colors that will compliment a person’s skin tone and hair color. It takes years of practice to become an expert in color matching. Makeup artists and hair stylists must often collaborate in order to create matching shades and hues that will look great on an individual.

A successful makeup artist should also have a decent portfolio. Portfolio designs can serve as references for future clients and show off the style of the artist. Most people are interested in natural looking women with makeup applied evenly and smoothly. A good portfolio will illustrate that you are not afraid to try new things and can be comfortable with different types of colors.

A portfolio can be arranged and printed for your use after the makeup artist has gathered a small amount of client work. If you do not have a portfolio, take several photographs of your best pieces and put together a small portfolio. Contact local photographers within your community and ask if they would like to feature some of your work in their annual calendar. Some photographers are more willing to work with new artists than others, so it pays to shop around. A small flier can be sent out to local photographers who may be interested in featuring your work in their calendar or showcasing your artistic ability.

If you have already begun working as a makeup artist, be sure to share your experience and successes with friends and family. You can also exhibit your skills at makeup exhibits and swap meets. There is no limit to the places you can display your talents. A portfolio is your best chance of becoming well known in your community and competing against other artists. It may even attract the attention of local fashion designers who are looking for makeup artists to help them create the perfect image for their latest product launch or advertising campaign.

Become a professional makeup artist by completing an accredited education program that is offered by an approved vocational school or vocational training institute. An education program is most effective if it complements the skills you already possess. Pre-construction courses in basic cosmetology, hair styling and makeup application techniques are available from most vocational schools and training institutes. Career colleges also offer training programs in both general and theatrical makeup arts. A few high schools also provide courses in the field of makeup application.