What Does a Professional Makeup Artist Doesn?

Stage makeup is different from traditional makeup because it involves specialized application techniques and high-level skills. It can include a number of tasks that are done in the makeup artist’s studio or in front of a camera. This might involve making an elegant and classic look for a brides’ wedding day, making an elegant and classic look for a model on a modeling show or transforming professional models into photo-ready models with MAC makeup. On a movie or modeling set, an experienced makeup artist might spend six to eight hours performing makeup. It may take more than eight hours to perform in front of the camera. A makeup artist can also do a few other things that just do not have to do with applying makeup. read more

Cosmetology Schools And Career Paths

The makeup artist is a professional who makes makeup to provide beauty and improve a person’s look. They are trained professionals who can be found performing at makeup counters at spas, salons and fairs, as well as performing at special events like concerts and television shows. A professional makeup artist makes makeup on a daily basis. There are many makeup artists who have been performing this task for many years and are able to provide their customers with high quality services.

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Some makeup artists specialize in one specific area such as wedding hair, tanning, make up for the face, and cosmetics for the body. Others specialize in an area of expertise, such as bridal parties. Bridal parties typically require makeup artists to apply makeup for the bride, the maid of honor, the flower girl, and other members of the wedding party. Those individuals responsible for selecting wedding and other special events makeup artist may be responsible for selecting the product knowledge of the artist, as well as the product application knowledge. read more