Cosmetology Schools and Career Seekers

In today’s ever-changing and competitive world, the makeup artist is an integral part of it all. From stage & screen to retail & TV; makeup artists play a key role in both the creation of entertainment forms and the promotion of necessary products. The variety of career options available to the talented & astute makeup artist allows them to design their own professional course in almost any way they see fit. The makeup artist’s versatility & skill are reflected in their ability to perform on both small and large venues, in front of the camera and behind the scenes. These versatile makeup artists are often found in local salons, spas, and other beauty/dental centers as well as performing makeup artist jobs in television and film production.

One of the most sought after areas of makeup artistry is fashion makeup. Fashion makeup artists create and design styles inspired by current events, Hollywood stars and trend setsters, or current hot accessories. Some of the types of fashion makeup artistry projects that are in demand year round include editorial fashion shoots, photo shoots, special events and many more. When applying makeup to create these different kinds of looks, the makeup artists must have a wide variety of tools such as brushes, applicators, lip liners and mascara in order to create different looks.

One other area of makeup application is the theatre industry. Prosthetics makeup artists provide prosthetics and costumes for theatrical and commercial productions, as well as individual makeup artist jobs. Some of the prosthetics makeup artists provide include latex prosthetics and traditional prosthetics designed to simulate human makeup. Prosthetics makeup artists are able to use prosthetic lashes, brows, scars, eye brows, eye lids and more to create convincing and realistic application of makeup.

Special effects makeup artists specialize in creating special effects makeup artistry for movies, stage shows and video games. For example, if a makeup artist is required to apply makeup to a scene that is shot from a very high angle, he/she needs special skills such as flawless symmetry, color coordination and the ability to produce strong movement. In addition to mastering different types of makeup artistry, many artists also enjoy learning about makeup artistry as a career and have their own studio or work in a department of a commercial makeup artist company. Others find that working within the entertainment industry helps them develop their own personal style that can benefit their own artistic production and allow them to branch out into fashion makeup artistry.

A makeup artist’s makeup artist portfolio is his/her complete work to present to potential employers. This portfolio includes not only the completed makeup artist shoots but also all of the photography that was involved in each makeup artist shoot, photos of the client and their family and friends, and any other items that will be of interest to potential clients. If you are a beauty artist that is seeking work, it is important that you compile a portfolio that will showcase your talent, that will grab the attention of directors and executives, and that will show you are a professional.

Your makeup artist portfolio will show whether you are a fashion or beauty artist that is up with the latest trends. For example, a makeup artist that is interested in makeup artistry for film should have photographs from recent shoots that were shot from angles completely different than the ones used for everyday makeup application. If an artist is interested in photographing a singer while she is wearing the latest fashions, photographs taken using lighting and poses that would not be appropriate for a portrait, should be included. By reviewing your makeup artist photos and applying eye shadow, lip gloss, and mascara in similar styles and shades, the director or person hiring you will be able to determine your talent for telling a story in pictures.

The makeup artist’s annual salary is based on several factors including experience, location and the type of facility in which they work. Typically, the more experience a makeup artist has, the higher their annual salary. For those that work in larger facilities, their pay also typically increases with experience. The location of the studio also plays a role in how much an artist makes, as studios tend to pay their artists more per month and year-round.

The location and makeup artist website should include photographs of various locations, past clients, a portfolio of photos, and contact information. You can also request to be featured in a makeup artist website. There are many websites that feature professional makeup artists that are available to attend fashion shows, photo shoots, and other functions. By providing contact information, your future employers will be able to contact you if they are interested in hiring someone with your talents. If you are interested in becoming a fashion or beauty artist, becoming a makeup artist website content writer can also be a way to show your skills.