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Long Island makeup artists are extremely popular, sought-after professionals in the world of makeup. The makeup artists that succeed in this arena often need to be very creative, edgy and artistic to perfectly mimic a specific “look.” It takes an artistic eye to transform the images that one takes into the makeup artists’ studio. The profession can be daunting and quite demanding because the makeup artist needs to bring his or her own personal sense of style to the job.

Cosmetics artists are not only found in traditional makeup salons but also in many high-fashion photography studios. In both cases, makeup artists work closely with professional photographers, stylists and models. Modeling for photography is very demanding. Makeup artists must bring their own ideas and styles to the photography shoot in order to create the perfect look for the model. While working with models, makeup artists may also be required to do the red carpet makeup at important events. These specialized tasks require a high level of creativity and skill. read more

Find Out the Latest Trends

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Find Out the Latest Trends

A career in makeup artistry can be one of the best, if not the best, career choices available today. There are certainly more career avenues within the makeup field than the majority of other careers available. And the best news? It’s recession proof! Even when times are rough, individuals still desire to look their very best. Beauty is a million-dollar industry simply because no price can be placed on the feeling-good factor associated with applying makeup and cosmetics.

Makeup artists are professionals who apply makeup, particularly for film and TV projects, as well as special events. Cosmetologists or makeup artists are trained in a wide range of specialties that include everything from makeup application for film and television projects to full-body costume makeup. They also work closely with their clients to design their makeup look. Many cosmetologists and makeup artists offer consultations as well as classes to teach individuals how to apply makeup so that they appear their best for any occasion. These professionals will often attend fashion shows to observe current trends in hair and makeup application. read more

Makeup Artists Can Help You Make A Living

A Professional makeup artist is an expert in creating makeup that will enhance a person’s natural beauty. They are usually hired by a person who wants to look their best for special occasions such as weddings, parties or other occasions. Makeup Artists also help individuals look better during their work or school days. Makeup Artists can apply make up for people on their face as well as other parts of the body.

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Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist, is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly. Hiring professional makeup artistry professionals offers many benefits that you would not normally find in your local beauty shop. Makeup artistry can provide a boost of confidence in a person, which is important to most people. Hiring a hair and makeup artist for bridal makeup artistry can ensure the makeup applied by the artist is perfect. read more

Is an Airbrush Makeup Artist Right for You?

If you’re attending a big social or cultural event this month, chances are you’ll need some help with makeup and hair. On average, makeup artist rates range from $75 to $125 per individual for makeup and hair. Services such as false eyelashes, sparkle, and touch ups can also add to that average price. For special occasions, you may want to go way above and beyond your normal go-to look. Let’s take a look at what an average event makeup artist will charge, what services they offer, and what special considerations you should keep in mind. read more

Become a Professional Makeup Artist

A career as a makeup artist can be one of the widest varied career choices. Many freelance makeup artists also begin their own makeup companies. As your boss, you decide the different areas you would like to work in as your client.

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There are makeup artists that specialize in certain areas. There are also generalists who can do all kinds of makeup. It is important for your clients to get the kind of work they want done. If your clients are specifically looking for certain things, make sure you accommodate their desires. For example, if they want to have their eyebrows done then you should have them done at an early age. Some artists will do this procedure as part of their training. read more

Cosmetology Schools and Career Seekers

In today’s ever-changing and competitive world, the makeup artist is an integral part of it all. From stage & screen to retail & TV; makeup artists play a key role in both the creation of entertainment forms and the promotion of necessary products. The variety of career options available to the talented & astute makeup artist allows them to design their own professional course in almost any way they see fit. The makeup artist’s versatility & skill are reflected in their ability to perform on both small and large venues, in front of the camera and behind the scenes. These versatile makeup artists are often found in local salons, spas, and other beauty/dental centers as well as performing makeup artist jobs in television and film production. read more

Cosmetics Training For Makeup Artists

A makeup artist works with a combination of his or her talent, artistry and skill to create glamorous, attractive and accurate makeup. The makeup artist’s job is not only about applying makeup but also involves learning how to care for one’s skin and hair. They must have an understanding of cosmetics and what to look for in a makeup kit. Makeup artist jobs on TV shows require makeup artist training because the makeup they will be working on will be seen by millions of people.

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Career Path: Makeup artists in long island can choose to pursue a career path that will allow them to work in a variety of settings, either indoors or out. The makeup artist who works in the indoor setting may work for a makeup artist studio where he or she is one of the freelance makeup artists. He or she will often take smaller assignments from a client in order to build up a portfolio. Interns may also find this type of career path because the exposure to a new style or a new technique is exciting and may lead to an invitation to work from home. read more