Be a Professional Makeup Artist Today

Long Island makeup artists are extremely popular, sought-after professionals in the world of makeup. The makeup artists that succeed in this arena often need to be very creative, edgy and artistic to perfectly mimic a specific “look.” It takes an artistic eye to transform the images that one takes into the makeup artists’ studio. The profession can be daunting and quite demanding because the makeup artist needs to bring his or her own personal sense of style to the job.

Cosmetics artists are not only found in traditional makeup salons but also in many high-fashion photography studios. In both cases, makeup artists work closely with professional photographers, stylists and models. Modeling for photography is very demanding. Makeup artists must bring their own ideas and styles to the photography shoot in order to create the perfect look for the model. While working with models, makeup artists may also be required to do the red carpet makeup at important events. These specialized tasks require a high level of creativity and skill. read more

What Does a Professional Makeup Artist Doesn?

Stage makeup is different from traditional makeup because it involves specialized application techniques and high-level skills. It can include a number of tasks that are done in the makeup artist’s studio or in front of a camera. This might involve making an elegant and classic look for a brides’ wedding day, making an elegant and classic look for a model on a modeling show or transforming professional models into photo-ready models with MAC makeup. On a movie or modeling set, an experienced makeup artist might spend six to eight hours performing makeup. It may take more than eight hours to perform in front of the camera. A makeup artist can also do a few other things that just do not have to do with applying makeup. read more

Cosmetology License – Why Not Be a Professional Makeup Artist?

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Cosmetology License – Why Not Be a Professional Makeup Artist?

So you’ve never seen a makeup artist before, well I am here to tell you about my favorite makeup artist. My name is Nicole Mireles and I’m an NYC MAC makeup artist. For the last two years I have been one of the best makeup artists in the business working with both the MAC makeup artists and the fashion makeup artists. Offering top quality makeup artistry to clients that come to my studio…(checks my records). I have been getting asked to do makeup for just about everything that Hollywood has asked me to do, from video shoots to red carpet makeup. read more