How to Find the Best Makeup Artists

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In 2012, about 3,000 people were employed as makeup artists in the United States. Most of these professionals were employed by the motion picture and television broadcasting industries, but over a quarter of these people were self-employed. Unlike other careers, many of these positions are temporary, meaning artists often go long periods between productions. Moreover, many of these jobs are in Los Angeles, which has a high cost of living. Hence, it is necessary to find a place outside Los Angeles to secure a job.

Nowadays, airbrush makeup is a popular technique. The process involves spraying foundation directly onto the face using a specialized airbrush device. Airbrush makeup was first used in the 1930s in Hollywood movies. Monte Westmore, a makeup artist in the renowned movie Gone With the Wind, was credited with inventing this technique, although his work can also be credited to Wally Westmore, who was already using the technique in pre-code films. HDTV and digital photography have revived this technique, which uses airbrush makeup to apply makeup. Airbrush makeup is a thin, liquid foundation that provides full coverage.

The process of airbrush makeup is considered a luxury service in the bridal industry and is expensive. Hence, it is best to choose an artist who offers airbrush services in their makeup kit. However, make sure to ask about the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup prices before hiring one. It can be as little as $10 to $50. Once you’ve found the right artist, you can then select the one who offers the service at a price that suits your budget and needs.

To become a professional makeup artist, you will need to have a qualification in cosmetology. This will give you access to a range of careers in this industry. However, the industry is competitive and a good experience in the field will help you get a job. If you’ve already completed a cosmetology course, you may want to consider a career in the department store cosmetic counter. You may also choose to take on student film projects as a means of getting valuable experience.

Pat McGrath is one of the most famous and sought-after makeup artists today. She is the first global creative design director for Procter & Gamble Beauty. A passionate makeup artist, she has a deep love for beauty. As a child, she was raised by a single mother in Jamaica. She studied magazines and movies with her mother. Her artistic skills led her to work with major companies like Clinique, Chanel, and Prada.

Makeup artists are essential to the entertainment industry. A professional makeup artist can transform a model’s face into an expression-filled masterpiece. She can correct imperfections and emphasize positive attributes, while correcting any flaws. She may also apply special effects, including prosthetics, for film productions. In any case, a professional makeup artist can command a high fee for her services, thanks to their extensive knowledge of the art of makeup.

Another popular makeup artist in the area is Kristin Gray, who owns Makeup Artistry by Kristin. She has almost a decade of experience in the beauty industry and has trained across the country. She provides luxury makeup services to clients in Kentucky and Ohio and uses MAC and Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics. The makeup artist can also offer one-on-one lessons, bridal trial runs, and airbrush makeup. She can even do makeup for your special event.

Ariel trained with Bobbi Brown in 2004 and has remained a top-selling Licensed Bobbi Brown Artist. Ariel was inspired by the Bobbi Brown philosophy of “natural and soft” makeup, and decided to pursue the role full-time. She eventually became an SLP, which is more stable, and she loved her job. But she couldn’t let her passion for makeup go. With the support of her parents, Ariel has continued to perfect her craft.

The Belloccio kit is designed for amateur and professional makeup artists, and comes with three bonus products: concealer, makeup blending sponge, and airbrush finishing spray. The OPHIR makeup kit is a great option for professional use, as it comes with 12 shades of foundation. Its silicone-based formula allows for a more natural finish. The makeup artist should keep the kit handy for touch-ups on the go. It can save the client a lot of money, so it is a good idea to purchase a kit that has these essentials.