Cosmetics Artist Job Outlook and Salary

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Cosmetics Artist Job Outlook and Salary

Stage makeup artists are professionals who apply makeup to enhance the natural beauty of stage performers. As a stage makeup artist, you’d usually work as a freelance makeup artist, performing as an independent contract employee. The work may take you to auditions, movie shoots or special destination weddings. You need to have good skills in order to get the job. The makeup artist job description is very broad, and the on-set skills you need to be able to pull it off are vital. You should be able to handle any situation that comes your way, with charisma.

Freelance makeup artists are hired by different people. They include theatre directors, film producers, TV/DVD production companies, photographers, fashion designers and other corporate personalities. In a small town, you may find local makeup artists doing the shoots of two or three local stores. Bigger towns are a bit rarer to find these makeup artists. But they too are needed in every industry.

If you want to become a freelance makeup artist then you need to master at least one area of the art, such as stage makeup, photography, photo retouching, glamour photography or couture photography. Then, you can go into photoshoot or photojournalism. Some people also choose to become professional models and run their own fashion design boutique.

Freelance makeup artists may work from home as well. If this is the case, then you need to have decent computer skills. You should also be comfortable working in a group. This ability is often developed through experience. Some of the jobs that you may find are part-time in salons, photojournalism assignments, magazine shoots and television commercials.

One of the key skills of a makeup artists is their ability to manage time. This skill is often learned through cosmetology school. Some of the training programs require students to complete research papers on managing time and how to delegate tasks so that the job is not overwhelming.

The makeup artists who have a high degree of social media knowledge will most likely make a killing in the freelance market. A social media marketing degree from an accredited university can help them achieve their goals. Social media marketing is all about creating profiles, videos, blogs, online content, and business sites that attract a specific clientele. Freelance makeup artists have to use their talent to sell products that are advertised on these sites. Profits come from various ad placements.

To be a freelance makeup artist, you do need to be dedicated to your work. Many people fail at their jobs because they become jaded after working with a large number of clients. As a freelance makeup artist you have to remember that each client is only with you for a short period of time. You have to quickly establish yourself with your clients so that when clients contact you they know that you are the person for the job. You also need to have a very fast reflexes to respond to clients.

These are some of the most important things that are taken into account by a majority of people who aim at making a decent living out of beauty. A cosmetology school can also be helpful, as many of the students have experiences working as makeup artists while studying. A cosmetology program that is designed according to industry standards will be beneficial as you progress in your career.

Some of the most lucrative positions are available in the areas of makeup, photography and hair design. You can earn a good salary working as makeup artists, photography, hairstylists and massage therapists. The younger you are when you start your professional career, the more likely you are to earn a higher income. As long as you take enough interest in your job, you will be able to succeed.

The Annual Salary You Need to Consider When Deciding on a Career As a Makeup Artist There are various fields in which makeup artists are employed such as bridal preparation, salons, photography studios and boutiques. Depending on your experience and qualifications you can increase your earnings substantially. You need to be aware of the various fields in which you can apply for a job. It is advisable that you get detailed information about what the requirements are so that you can tailor your skills and educational background to meet the desired qualifications. An education or training program that is well-structured with relevant projects and assignments would help you prepare for the competitive job market.

How to Increase Your Income As a Makeup Artist: Today there are many ways to make extra money including beautifying yourself through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and others. You can also earn through freelance photography, fashion design and beautification by participating in photo shoots, makeup artistry and social media marketing. You can participate in beauty shows and contests and win prizes. Participating in photography contests can be a good way to increase your social media contacts. Beauty salon makeup artist can also earn through sales of skin care products and hair styling accessories at local events.